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school starts monday-- it feels way too soon. a 3 week break is not enough.

so i got back from taiwan last monday. the trip back was nowhere as eventful as the trip there. the trip there involved spending the night in detroit because of a fuel leak-- less a leak and more of a waterfall-- that involved them having to get us off the plane and call the fire department. oh, and my luggage got routed to chicago, where someone realized that it wasn't supposed to be there and managed to get it to taipei close enough to the same time i arrived. so in taiwan, i shopped, ate, and saw lots of doctors. i was diagnosed with GERD (yay, my self-diagnosis was correct), got an upper GI endoscopy and biopsy, found out i have infected ulcers, and got put on antibiotics. i also got lots of anti-anxiety meds. yay. so the trip was fun. it was good. i spent some time with my aunts. there was this dog that i really wanted at the flower market. she was so cute! and she kept climbing on me and licking me. i was sad i couldn't take her home with me. i also got a new computer. it's an Asus, but it's like a Macbook Air.

so that was the trip in a nutshell. got back monday, started working again wednesday,  T-dawg finished our abstract on Friday to be submitted for the conference, and now it's back to the regular school thing.